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Grumblings first today f-list, I'm afraid...

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Inception Meme day 4...


DAY FOUR - Your favorite score...

Well listen to this, it isn't that hard to believe but I actually don't have the full Inception score. I haven't downloaded it from iTunes yet because I'm cheap and have no money.... I did however download the two bonus songs and I really like those.... I think I like 'Projections' better than 'Don't think about Elephants'.... It's longer and covers a lot more ground as far as playing on the central musical themes of the film go.... :] So yeah, lame answer, but really, I don't have a fave piece of music from the score because I don't have it..... I will say though that I love the crazy BRRRM BRRRMMMM BRRRRRMMMMM of the horns.... I'm sure that takes place in more than one song, but hey, I think it's snazzy and powerful.... :D
Hey f-list.... How's it going? Good, good...

I think I'll talk about Inception related things last and IRL related things first, because I always seem to forget what's going on in my real life if I don't.

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Hey F-list! So I know the majority of you don't care.... But I would like to tell you guys about some movies I've been watching lately. There's a ridiculous amount of them, but I don't really care.... I enjoy sharing my random thoughts and stuff... ^____^

Before we get to the films let me talk about my tiny life so far. School is winding down. YAY! I have like ten more days of school left, or something like that. The cool thing is [sorta] that I get to leave early. I don't even have to come back to school the day after Memorial Day... Nope, I'm going to be in Nebraska with my father and the peeps. You know, like how I went last year? So yeah, I'm assuming that I'll leave when my step mother's parents leave. They'll probably stay for two weeks or something like that, which, I'm totally down with. After I get back from Nebraska I'll basically be doing nothing except for writing a story for the WEREWOLF BIG BANG. I'm so excited.... I'm writing a Wolfman story that fits into the cannon movie 'verse. So, we'll see how well that turns out. The only other think I'll be doing is making a French Pirate video for my French teacher. I'm really nervous about it because I have to co-direct with one of my friends Taylor. She's cool and stuff, but sometimes I don't do well playing nice with other people. I tend to take charge, and that could end badly. I'll try to be nice, I swear. OH AND HOW COULD I FORGET! Another thing that's going on in the summer is that cherry_road  is GOING TO VISIT ME! I AM SO HAPPY! She's staying at my house for a week, after which I'm going to travel to her home with her and stay at her house for a week as well. It should be a grand time.... She's a great buddy and she's awesome... HUGS TO HER! ^___^

So yeah, that's my life, isn't it shiny....? Anyway, now time for the film reviews and such.

Film Number 1: Fun With Dick and Jane
DUDE. This movie was FREAKING HILARIOUS. It was a little sad because they live the reality of a lot of people right now, having lost their jobs. But man, it is a great film. Jim Carey was awesome as usual, and really funny. I also enjoyed Alec Baldwin as the southern boss. HE WAS GREAT. So seriously. I recommend this film if you like comedies that don't know whether they have heart or attitude. XD

Film Number 2: Everybody's Fine
This movie was awesome as well. I just watched it the other night and it was great. It had a great cast.... Kate Beckinstale, Drew Barrymore and the like.... It had a lot of heart, which I love, and it had just enough plot turns to keep me satisfied. I really loved the characters, especially the main character. He was great. I totally felt for him... and in the end, I cried for him and his struggles with his children. Great film. I won't promise that you won't cry though. I did.... But it was totally worth it.

Film Number 3: Che, Part 1
DUDE! IN THIS FILM BENICIO DEL TORO SPEAKS SPANISH AND NOTHING ELSE! I kid you not. And trust me, reading those nasty subtitles is TOTALLY worth it. I mean, totally. It made my brain hurt to read the subtitles and try to pay attention to the film, but it was worth every second. Besides Del Toro being... AWESOME *__*. There was also really really good color and lighting. There were some parts when Che was in New York that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED. The shutter speed was set pretty low I think, but it achieved a really great effect... I was going to show you, but I couldn't find any screencaps of my favorite part.... Watch it, you'll see! Anyway it was a great film, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the second part.... ^___^

Film Number 4: Zombieland
As much as I hate to say it, I thought I would hate this movie. I usually tend to hate things after several people tell me I will love them. So I was a bit scared to watch this one. Surprisingly though, I really really liked it. It was funny and seriously and sad all at the same times. And I really liked it a lot. The part about Bill Murry killed me. I was dying with laughter even though it was kind of a super downing that Bill was dying... Woops. But anyway. I would totally recommend this film to anyone who likes to have a good laugh and doesn't mind zombies. And on another note, incase you were wondering. Nothing about the film was super spectacular or anything. It had nice filming and such but it wasn't anything compared to Che.... but overall as a whole the film was good. :]

Film Number 5: 21 Grams
I don't know if I've already said anything about 21 Grams, but even if I have I'm going to say it again. It was a pretty big downer. Like seriously. Even though it didn't make me sob for twelve minutes straight like Everybody's Fine did, it still is super sad. It has a marvelous cast which includes Naomi Watts, Sean Penn, and Benicio Del Toro. That's right, Del Toro. Anyway it was a totally weird movie. I really enjoyed the way the film was set up. It wasn't in chronological order so it was really interesting. The filming was really nice as well, and the script was expertly written. Though it was a little weird. I will say that it was hard for me to focus during the film because Benicio plays a ex-con who has 'found christ'... Let me talk about weird. And I will also say that I literally squirmed when Del Toro's character had sex with his wife... o.O The weirdest thing I have ever seen, ever. EVER. So yeah, if you want to squirm about that and be subject to Naomi Watts' awesomely depressing acting, then this movie is a good one for you. But, be warned, it may not be pleasant.

Film Number 6: Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas
I will say that I am expertly pleased with myself for reading this book before seeing the movie. As I read the novel I will say that I was terrified about watching the film. The book is full of profanities and I knew the movie would most likely be as well. I was also slightly terrified because of the fact that Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro played the odd ball duo who go down and out in sin city. I had no idea what to expect, but I will say that I wasn't disappointed. The movie follows the book almost exactly and makes total sense. I did read a lot of reviews were people thought the film was crap because there wasn't a 'plot'. To those people I say, 'YES THERE IS A PLOT READ THE BOOK IT WILL MAKE SENSE' . So I really really would like to recommend the movie to all of you, but first you should definitely read the book. You won't be disappointed. I promise.

Now, I have like three more films to review, but I'm getting tired of typing, so I'll leave that for another day. :D

Bye F-list! BYE!

Benicio Del Toro Avies!

So, I know these should probably be posted in my art journal, but I'm literally too lazy right now to do that.... Which means they are going here, in my personal LJ journal...

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Woah self, woah...

Hey LJ friends. Long time no see. For some odd reason I felt like I should pounce on LJ and give you guys a little bitty update, which will probably turn into a freaking HUGE update.... But that's okay, I suppose.

So, lately. I guess I really haven't been doing anything other than obsessing over movies. People who know me really well know that I go in and out of hobbies. Sometimes I draw a lot (which was like a week and a half ago), sometimes I play a lot of music, sometimes a write a lot, but right now I'm watching a lot of films. I think that basically stems from the fact that the screenwriting class I'm taking is eating my brain, but that's okay... There really isn't such a thing as too many films.... I mean, it could be ridiculious but it isn't as of the present time.

So yeah movies. I've been watching a crap-ton of them lately. A few weekends ago I watched The Mummy. Which I love... I'd obviously seen it before because I mean seriously, it's been out since 1999 so who hasn't seen it... haha. Not saying that you're somehow less of a person if you haven't seen it, but really. It's a definate new-age horror classic.

Then, just last weekend my movie obsession hit a new high and I watched four movies. Yes four movies. Four movies in three days. I watched 16 Candles, which is also a classic, though a different type of classic. I watched it with a friend who'd never seen it, so I suggested it to her. I'm happy to say that she enjoyed it thoroughly. Then I watched Spirited Away. Which is, I swear, the best anime movie ever. It's fantastic and has a great story, great characters, great art, and great music. What more could you ask? On Saturday night after watching Spirited Away I was home alone and flipping through TV channels. To my surprise I found that the film Traffic was on AMC. It was uniquely bizzar that it happened to be on, due to the fact that I had just read about the movie on netflix. So I gave the film a try and ended up watching it twice. It was a little confusing and I swear that they took out some huge plot development piece or something to make it fit in the alotted time frame... The movie had famous people out the yin-yang and it was a little hilarious to see Dennis Quiad comfort Cathrine Zeta-Jones while she was sad. o.O Upon researching the film I realized that it won four academy awards in 2000 when it came out. Best Director, Best editing, Best Writing for and Adapted Script, and Best Actor in a Supporting Role which went to the ever talented Benicio Del Toro for his role as Javier... Though the drug wars between Mexico and the US don't really intrest me, the movie kept my interest well enough. But I think that it just might have been that Topher Grace who played Eric Foreman on That 70's Show played a kid addicted to hardcore drugs... haha. The last movie on my list for last weekend was The Mummy Returns which, in my opinion, is better than the first one. But, then again, I do really enjoy Anck Su Namun. And if you've never seen that movie well then you have no idea what I'm talking about, and I'm sorry...

I suppose this movie talk then brings us to this week, which went well all except for the fact that I got sick. I stayed home from school yesterday because my throat killed and my face felt like it had been seriously jacked up with a hammer or something. Thankfully my congestion has started to drain and my throat doesn't hurt as much. Now I just sound like a seventy year old smoker or something. But, it shall pass with time.

And a big shock this morning. It was snowing last night but I totally didn't think it would snow enough to actually leave snow on the ground but lo and behold I woke up this morning to the sound of the school calling to inform me that we were delayed. But, of course the delay turned into a cancelation after I got ready to head out. But now I'm fully dressed and awaiting a friend's arrival. We are going to pick up Sin City from the post office and then go to the library to get some more films for our viewing pleasure. We've actually decided to have "Friday Movie Night" so we are putting that into effect for the second time. Yay. I'm really hoping that Sin City doesn't freak me out too much.... But you never can tell. I think it's pretty creepy that Mr. Wood plays a dude who lives on a FARM AND EATS PEOPLE. Il mange les gents. Yes. He eats the people.

Writer's Block: So far so good

What's the best movie you've seen so far this year? How about the best song? The best book?

Because I am a movie buff, a music buff, and a literary buff I decided I had to answer this question.... So, hold onto your hats.

Okay, so best movie of the year thus far.... I will answer with honesty, please don't hit me. Now, I love Johnny and Tim as much as the next person, but I am sorry. Alice in Wonderland was DEFINATELY not the best movie of this year so far. Period the end. And the sad thing is, I have the very distinct feeling that LOTS and LOTS of people will say that it was. But, my dears, this is simply not the case. Alice was a sorry excuse for a movie. It had terrible plot development and terrible character development. I could have been forgiving if the plot was good, or if the characters had been good, but neither thing happened so... I'm sorry to say. It was pretty but not good.

I know what you are going to say. You're going to say that this whole writers block was about the BEST things of '10 so far, so just hold your horses. I'm getting there. I just had to talk about the movie that I WASN'T picking for my favorite flick, I was defending the title I'm about to say...

So I know it will be a BIG surprise to my close friends (I know, I'm such a terrible joker). So I'm sorry to have to say that my favorite film of the year, no matter how nerdy it sounds, and how many people ABSOLUTELY hated it, was THE WOLFMAN. I know all of you are sitting there now with your mouths hanging open saying "WHAT THE HECK? THAT MOVIE SUCKED". And I have a message for you. I've been studying film for the past few months in school and I've discovered that The Wolfman really was a good movie. The only reason the general public hates it is because they want "MORE BLOOD MORE GUTS MORE TRANSFORMATIONS ALL THE TIME" and with this film they didn't necessarily get it. You know why? Because this movie was about CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. Which, I think was a smart movie on the whole of the film crew. If they wanted to showcase the tragedy that was Lawrence Talbot's life then, what a better way to do that than to make the story character driven? The blood and guts came slowly throughout the film and I was pleasantly surprised and majorly pleased.

As for my favorite song of the year, I'm not really sure. There haven't really been too many songs that I've listened to lately that are brand new, but, I will say this. A single that was released about a week ago has captured my attention, even though I already knew the song when it came out last November. The song, is of course, Lady Gaga's Telephone. The music video just came out last Thursday and I LOVE IT. It was weird, but I love it. I also love the song. It is safe to say that it's been stuck in my head for the past week. Lady Gaga for the win...

Favorite book.... Favorite book thus far.... Well I haven't read any new books. I almost never read books right when they come out, so ask me in about seven years and I'll let you know what 2010 books I loved. But if this question is just about what books I've read this year I'll say this... I've started reading Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, and I LOVE IT. Now this is about the third or forth time I've read it, and I think that it gets better after each read. I love it. I love it so much and I really want them to make a film, even though IMDB keeps telling me that there's a film in progress, it's been like that for years so I'm pretty sure that the internet movie database is pulling my leg. And hear this, if there isn't a movie by the time I get to be thirty I am going to make one. So there. Sadly, by the time I'm thirty Del Toro will be too old to play Montag, I think he'd be perfect, dark hair, dark eyes, but hey, Hugh Jackman could do it too. A fireman and a lumberjack aren't that different.

My review of THE WOLFMAN. WOOT.

Okay. Wow. I have a lot to say. But I just have to remember it so that I can tell you. Wait, wait, I'm getting something.... OH I KNOW! Let's get started then, shall we...?

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Sooo..... While I was totally numb yesterday I went about my business on the interweb by looking for pictures of people for a meme that was giving to me a while back by xmexandxyoux ... So I felt really really bad because she gave me Pete Wentz to make a pic spam of and I'm not his biggest fan, by far. Then I found out via cherry_road  that xmexandxyoux  found out that I didn't really like Petey and said I could have the stumptinator instead... So I pondered that while feeling like a bitch, and then an idea came to me.... I COULD DO ONE FOR EACH OF THEM.... AND ALSO ONE OF RAY TORO BECAUSE I LURV HIM TOO MUCH.... Haha. Anyway here's the GIANT PICSPAM MEME OF AWESOMENESS. I give you Pete, Patrick, and Ray... ^____^

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Okay, so a really good friend of mine, bad_ace  just got her LJ up and running. Her journal is a place for her to show and display the photographs that she takes. In my opinion she's really good.... So if you have time and are willing you should check out her journal here...just a warning though, there are large photos, so your dial-up might die, but they are safe for work... :D



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